Parasol base

We make parasol bases in partnership with our sister company Helcosol in Reuver. An absolute world player in this field. In other words: our parasol bases are for sale where the sun shines. They provide stability, especially when combined with our innovative parasol base nut. We'll tell you more about that below.


  • Available in endless shapes and colours
  • Elegant
  • Very stable


If they are there anyway, why aren't they branded right away? Give that parasol base recognition with your or your customer's brand logo. Thanks to our In Mould Labeling technique, that's how it's done.

Innovation in a parasol base

To "absorb" all shapes and sizes of parasol poles, we integrated rubber on the clamping fingers in the parasol base nut by means of 2K injection moulding. This gives the nut much more clamping force on the parasol poles. And while we're at it, we'll make the parasol base nut look a lot nicer. Function and shape united!

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