A good product requires a good mould. It's as simple as that and that's why we keep such a strong focus on your mould. In both Europe and Asia, we have developed a strong network of carefully selected mould makers.


Hollarts is at all times in charge of your mould which is to be developed. We evaluate all the important aspects of the mould, such as the flow pattern and cooling. We also have many different machines, of course. We know these machines better than anyone, which is why we check whether the mould 'corresponds' to each machine. The initial test injections give us the feedback that we need to ascertain whether the results satisfy the schedule of requirements that we formulated together with you during the product development phase.

From initial idea to end product
And beyond

Mould development falls under step 4 in our approach. Your product requirements and the resulting schedule of requirements form the basis for the mould to be developed.

  • 1. Explore

    You have a vision. An idea that you would like to mould into a specific plastic product. You share that vision with Hollarts. An idea may exist in your head or you might have a sample product you want to work towards to. Both scenarios fit perfectly within the next steps.

  • 2. Enhance

    We enhance your ideas with our expertise and experiences. In what environment and under what conditions will the product be used? What wishes and requirements do you have for the product? This gives us a reasonable idea of the type of material, the design and the other requirements.

  • 3. Conceptualise

    Our engineers are already beginning to produce 3D drawings and product presentations. A prototype of your product is certainly one of the options.

  • 4. Develop

    Appointments are planned and scheduled. Then we form a project team that is fully dedicated to your product. We develop the mould and carry out the first injection moulding trials. The final adjustments are made together with you.

  • 5. Manufacture

    A number of final checks need to be made and then we can move on to the next phase. Lightning-fast robots, high-tech machinery and our experienced professionals now literally mould your vision into plastic. Your product can now enter the market!

  • 6. Support

    We will maintain your mould for as long as possible. We can also take care of the storage and transport of your product. And we will help you with recycling if required. In brief, we tailor our additional services to your exact requirements.

Mot test for the Mould

As we've already said, a good mould makes for a good product. And good products are successful. This means that the manufacturing of your product is in full swing and that the mould is being used to the best of its effect. Even then you can rely on the care of Hollarts for your mould. Wear parts are replaced in good time, the mould is thoroughly cleaned and re-lubricated. It is actually a kind of MOT test for the mould.

In addition, it may very well be the case that you continue to innovate and develop your product further. We are happy to help with that too. The mould may need to be adjusted on the basis of those further product developments.


Contact Allard. He will tell you more about both the realisation and maintenance of your mould.

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