Policy statement

The policy of Hollarts Plastic Group BV aims to set itself apart by delivering quality and good service, customer focus and paying attention to continuous improvement. To this end, Hollarts Plastic Group BV purchases its products from selected suppliers itself and carries out continuous quality control on its own processes.

For the future, Hollarts Plastic Group BV wants to maintain and where possible improve the good quality of its products and processes. Within the framework of the quality system in operation at Hollarts Plastic Group BV, Hollarts Plastic Group BV wants to ensure responsible products. Products and processes are used that comply with customer requirements and all relevant legislation and regulations of both the countries of production and the countries of destination.
The management bears responsibility with regard to staff, the environment and sustainability.

The management ensures, among other things, the provision of personnel and financial resources to implement the management system and to guarantee quality. The management is also responsible for communicating all relevant information to all staff.


  • Caring for quality and hygiene is everyone's responsibility in his or her field of work. Everyone will therefore be provided with the necessary knowledge and resources;
  • In order to integrate quality thinking into all business processes, responsibilities and powers in relation to customer focus have been established at all levels in the organisation;
  • In order to comply with all the quality requirements of legislation and regulations and thereby increase customer satisfaction, customer-oriented work is encouraged at all levels within the organisation;
  • Hollarts Plastic Group BV is an orderly, clean and safe working environment for us and our visitors. Every day we do our utmost to deliver to our customers on time and in an environmentally conscious manner, and we continuously work on making improvements.


The management of Hollarts Plastic Group BV periodically sets food safety and quality objectives in order to improve the quality system. These objectives are formulated SMART (SMART = Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound) and are evaluated from time to time. The results of this evaluation are communicated to the management. All employees of Hollarts Plastic Group BV are responsible for the execution, within everyone's area of responsibility. They are also aware of their responsibilities and tasks.

23 April 2018,
Eric Willemsen
Director of Hollarts Plastic Group BV