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What can you expect when you join Hollarts? First a bit of 'culture'. We have an ‘Achterhoek attitude’ as we like to say ourselves. Which means that we work hard, but we like to laugh at least as hard. Hierarchy is mainly something on paper and not for the shop floor. Instead of departments, we speak of teams. And between those teams we keep the lines short and the thresholds as low as possible.


You can't eat from corporate culture alone. We therefore offer a set of conditions that strongly contribute to your appreciation, reward and development. Expect the following terms and conditions of employment. By the way, you can always call us to account if they are not being complied with in your experience:

  • Appreciation in word and deed
  • Freedom and responsibility within your area of expertise
  • Scope for personal development
  • Good working atmosphere thanks to nice colleagues and activities
  • Ensuring good working conditions


One of our key focuses is: your vitality. Of course, we ourselves benefit from people who, as they say, can be employed long-term. But you too want to feel good and fit. Not just at work, but also at home. Especially at home. You will also reap the benefits of healthy working conditions in your private life. Speaking of which, we offer plenty of fruit at work.

In the right place
In addition, mental health is at least as important. If you're in the right place, you'll feel better. We will therefore continue to consult with you about what best suits your personal ambitions. These can change over the years. Together we look at where your talents lie and whether you are using them in the right place.

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Do you think you are a good addition to our team? Do not hesitate to convince us with an open application. We are always curious about what you have to offer Hollarts.

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