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We supply semi-manufactured goods to a wide range of industrial customers. Another option is that we deliver fully assembled end products to you. This is how we operate as your chain partner and in many cases, Hollarts acts as co-engineer. This means that the products for this sector are often custom-made. Nevertheless, we display a number of standard products here to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Components for flue gas exhaust systems

These components are an example of what we can do for companies in the technical sector. The products you see on this page are particular for the installation industry. The possibilities are, of course, much more diverse. We can find the solution for your technical challenge as well.


  • Many functionalities in one product
  • Very wide design freedom
  • Precisely tailored to specific applications


When large volumes are involved, plastic injection moulding is the way to create such products. This of course starts with product development. In that phase, the functionalities of the product are examined. The advantage of plastic injection moulding is that all those functionalities can be turned into a single production run.


Plastic injection moulding

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