Our customers are very diverse. Because of that, we create a wide variety of products with diverse purposes for them. What our customers nevertheless have in common, is the fact that they all came to us with a certain vision. From that vision, we formulated a product idea together with them. We translated this idea into a plastic solution through our approach.

Royal FloraHolland

Hollarts developed an entirely new mould concept for one of our products. This has greatly improved the lifespan of the mould and the predictability of the production output. Hollarts is a reliable supplier with whom we can work well and openly. In addition, they are constantly willing to think along in process improvement.

"Hollarts is always willing to think along in process improvement."

Mathieu Wensveen
Logistical Resources Advisor


Hollarts contributed to the development and production of a modular outdoor sports floor. It is important for us to ensure that no prohibited chemicals are added to our products. With production in the Far East, that is still the question. The quality is very consistent and good. By consciously opting for production in the Netherlands, our products are a lot more sustainable than those of our competitors. There are fewer transport movements and Hollarts does everything in its power to work in as climate-neutral a manner as possible.

"Hollarts' employees feel more like colleagues, we really do things together and that's great."

Dorith Schute

Cox Geelen

Hollarts has developed a plastic flue gas system on our behalf, as that system was still missing from our product range. We have found the collaboration with Hollarts to be very pleasing, and knowledge of moulds and products has been exchanged back and forth. The whole is therefore more than the sum of the parts.

"A very pleasant cooperation, in which knowledge of moulds and products has been exchanged back and forth."

Bart Merx
Manager procurement & logistics manager