New Hollarts website

Posted on: 10-09-2020

We proudly present our new website. It didn't just come out of nowhere, by the way. After all, we started redefining our company. Who are we, what do we do and why do we do that? Of course we know that, but sometimes it helps to formulate it sharply again. Purely to keep Hollarts firmly anchored in the market. A kind of repositioning, say.

This resulted in a redesign of our logo and a new pay-off: your vision moulded in plastic. This pay-off tells you exactly how we see our cooperation with you. Of course, such a transformation (from vision to a plastic product) does not happen overnight. That is a process for which we have a structured approach. We clarified this approach by means of an animation.

Finally, we completed the visual picture with professional photography of our products, our production and of course our people.

And so there is the renewed Fresher, more personal, more concrete.

New Hollarts website
Nieuwe website

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